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We give our members the best benefits, tools, resources, training, and services they need to make their municipal entity succeed.


PennPRIME and Pennsylvania municipal entities manage risk together as a team. Whether your entity seeks property insurance, liability coverage, workers’ compensation coverage or a full slate of loss control and risk management services, PennPRIME offers custom-tailored risk management solutions designed specifically for you.

We are municipal specialists who fight as hard as you do to reduce risk. We offer you informed services and unique benefits that cookie-cutter insurers cannot provide. From loss control funding to education and legal protection, we go beyond insurance coverage to be part of your team. Our structure is different from commercial insurance. Founded by municipal managers, PennPRIME is owned and operated by our members. Member contributions to the PennPRIME Trusts earn investment income. Surplus monies are returned to the members in the form of credits or are used to enhance coverages and benefits.

Member Testimonials

East Hanover Township moved to PennPRIME Workers’ Compensation and Liability Insurance Trusts in 2016 with increased value and service over our previous insurance carrier. At the same time, we have been able to improve the safety of our employees and our residents by setting up and operating a Safety Committee. The Committee was set up and operates with the excellent training and support provided by the PennPRIME Staff.

- Paul K. Cornell, Manager, East Hanover Township (Dau Co), PA

The City of Warren has benefited from PennPRIME’s existence because we can pool our assets and liabilities with other local governments. It is an advantage to be insured through a specialty pool rather than to be lumped in with all manner of other types of businesses. Our experience with claims has been excellent. In particular, the Trust’s Director of Insurance Services is always available to answer questions. She, and the other PennPRIME staff, are knowledgeable and handle claims with efficiency. While most insurers are concerned with the bottom line, and the Trust is too, there is also an element of fairness that is part of all settlement discussions. As the representative of a local government, its residents, and the invitees that come into the City, I appreciate that approach.

- Nancy K. Freenock, City Manager, City of Warren, PA

Ferguson Township has benefited tremendously from its membership in the PennPRIME Workers’ Compensation and Liability Insurance Trusts. Beyond providing coverage, their expert team shows genuine concern about reducing our claims by providing in-person training, funding for loss control projects, and access to workplace safety publications and resources, which we love. The specialists at PennPRIME partner with our municipality to provide the tools and training our staff needs to reduce our losses – saving us money and, most importantly, helping to keep our employees safe.

- David G. Pribulka, Township Manager, Ferguson Township, PA

PennPRIME has been a valued partner for Susquehanna Township. Their input and guidance have allowed the Township to adopt best practices to reduce risk, increase employee safety and keep employees productive and at work. These details have produced real savings and allowed the Township to be efficient and effective in its delivery of public services.

- Steven C. Napper, Commissioner, Susquehanna Township, PA

White Township is fortunate to be a member of both the PennPRIME Workers’ Compensation and Liability Trusts. The support our township receives is very professional and is updated consistently to meet our changing situations. Informative conferences and communications from the PennPRIME staff provide us with the skills and resources to better handle our needs when dealing with the complex requirements of township insurance. Their risk management support is just one example of how PennPRIME leadership serves the township in keeping our workers safe and on the job. The township’s future is solid knowing that PennPRIME is there to meet our insurance needs now and in the years ahead.

- Milton Lady, Manager, White Township (Ind Co), PA

Ligonier Township has chosen to be a long-standing member of the PennPRIME Trusts because the personal and professional services they provide are second to none. The immediate response and support to problems and questions from the staff and service providers, who specialize in municipal operations, gives me great piece of mind. I feel we are dealing with a supportive family that cares about our community and organization rather than being lost in the crowd with a traditional insurance company. I cannot begin to tell you how much the safety services have benefitted our Township. By putting safety first, we have not only reduced accidents and injuries to our most important assets, our employees and our residents, we have also saved the taxpayers money.

- Terry Carcella, Township Manager, Ligonier Township, PA