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Session Materials

Legislative Update - September 2019 (PowerPoint)

Rick Schuettler, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Municipal League

Attitude & Motivation (PowerPoint)

Mike Greene, Principal, IntegrityWorks Coaching

Goals Drive Performance (PowerPoint)

Mike Greene, Principal, IntegrityWorks Coaching

Playground Safety (PowerPoint)

Pete Geis, Parks & Recreation Director, Cranberry Township (Butler Co.)

To Chase or Not to Chase (PowerPoint)

Robert Hanna, Esq. & Elizabeth Kramer, Esq., Lavery Law

Understanding and Mitigating Risks in Contracts (PowerPoint)

Scott Agar, Insurance Buyers' Council

Shiftwork & the Importance of Physical Conditioning (PowerPoint)

Megan Romano, Clinical Coordinator/WC Specialist, Drayer Physical Therapy Institute

Safety Committee Corner (Handout with Links to Resources)