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Session Descriptions


Keynote Session: Distracted Driving – Impact on Employee Safety, Productivity and Employer Liability

Distracted driving is a public health and safety epidemic.  There was a time when we saw an erratic driver, we would think “drunk driver.”  Now we probably think “cell phone driver.”  In this session, David Teater, a nationally recognized traffic safety advocate and speaker with FocusDriven, will discuss the history and rapid adoption of mobile communications technology and its impact on traffic safety, the science of driver distraction, and how mobile device use while driving degrades driver performance.  He will also discuss common misperceptions about cell phone driving distraction, employer liability, and the need for policies prohibiting employee cell phone use while driving.

Keynote Speaker: David Teater, President & Founder, FocusDriven, LLC.

David Teater of Spring Lake, Michigan, is a recognized national leader on the issue of distracted driving. He is President and Founder of FocusDriven LLC, a firm dedicated to reducing motor vehicle crashes that result from driver distraction.  Mr. Teater’s 30-year business career has included serving as CEO of several private companies including 20 years at an automotive supplier.  In 2009, he joined the National Safety Council after its call for a nationwide ban on cell phone driving.  There he led the Council’s distracted driving initiative for over six years.  Mr. Teater is a frequent speaker on the topic of Distracted Driving and has appeared before several state legislatures and testified before the US Congress.

Other Featured Sessions

From Our Family to Yours
Continuing our focus on Safer Driving, attorneys from Campbell Durrant Beatty Palombo & Miller P.C. will join the PennPRIME Trustees in answering your questions on how to implement an effective cell phone policy so that you can keep your family of employees from being injured in a vehicle crash.  We will be providing a sample policy for you to adopt.

Family Feud
Survey Says...100 insurance experts were polled… “Name the components of a successful return-to-work policy.” “Tell me something that is required to process a property claim.”  Will a Sudden Death Round be necessary?  Which family will advance to the Fast Money Round?  During this fun Family Feud, you will be entertained while learning how to successfully manage your claims.

Making The Most Of Your Agent/Broker Relationship
Many government entities use agents or brokers to buy their insurance.  However, there are some buyers who are not sure what services they should expect from their agent/broker or how much those services should cost.  Ken Porter, Porter & Curtis, has been our trusted reinsurance broker at PennPRIME for the past 15 years.  He will offer guidance and insight on what you should expect from your agent/broker.  In addition, a panel of Member/Agents will present the key components that make these meaningful partnerships successful.

Below 100 — How We All Can Make a Difference In Safety
Five key tenets have been identified that can improve safety in areas where we can make a difference.  Below 100 isn’t about statistics.  It’s about each and every employee, trainer, and supervisor taking individual and collective responsibility for the decisions and actions that contribute to safety.  For those in a leadership position, Below 100 means supporting a culture of safety throughout your organization.  Make doing the right thing so ingrained in your personnel that it becomes the norm and not the exception.  Just as importantly, hold accountable those who stray outside what should be common sense.  This message is relevant to uniformed and non-uniformed employees alike.

Run, Hide, Fight — Mitigating the Impact of An Active Shooter
Because active shooter situations are often over within 10 to 15 minutes, before law enforcement arrives on the scene, individuals must be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with an active shooter situation.  The State College Borough Police Department** will teach you how to react in these types of situations to ensure a successful outcome.  Learn these simple principles for yourself, then share them with your employees, family, and friends.

Through the Looking Glass — Lessons Learned With Body-Worn Cameras
One thing was certain, that the white kitten had nothing to do with it: — it was the tabby cat's fault entirely.  If only Alice had been wearing a body-worn camera while she napped, perhaps she could tell for certain… or perhaps not…  The Phoenixville Borough Police Department** will recount their own experience with body-worn cameras.  Starting with the selection of equipment, through developing policies for use and data storage, and down the rabbit hole of deployment, they will give you an insider’s look at using this technology effectively to achieve professional policing in the 21st century. Campbell, Durrant, Beatty, Palombo & Miller, P.C. will discuss PA legislation that was passed in July 2017, clearing a legal hurdle that allowed police officers to record video but not audio inside a home, and eliminating a Wiretap Act requirement that officers announce to everyone in a public space that they are being recorded.

**The Phoenixville Borough Police Department and State College Borough Police Department are accredited by the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission which requires adherence to best practices demonstrated through proofs.