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Session Descriptions


TAKING COMMAND: How to Soar to Success by Embracing Your Captain's Mindset

Korry Franke, Captain, United Airlines

Congratulations! You're a leader. Now what? How do you succeed when the torch is handed to you? How do you harness the power of your team to drive real, measurable results? And how do you ensure your progress isn't thrown off course by an unexpected challenge or event? Find out for yourself when Captain Korry Franke, formerly the youngest captain flying for United Airlines, puts you in the captain's seat for an engaging and interactive flight through a variety of high-stakes captain decision point scenarios. Along the way, you'll discover the 3 critical elements for embracing your own captain’s mindset, which enable captains of any industry to step up and succeed, even when the pressure is on. 

Attitude & Motivation

Mike Greene, Principal, IntegrityWorks Coaching

Are you looking forward or backward in life? Do people feel uplifted around you – consistently? Are you making those around you better? As Zig Ziglar used to say, “People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily.” Learn how to motivate yourself by being proactive, systematic and highly intentional.  Don’t just be happy, be purposeful; knowing why you do what you do will be the fuel to keep propelling you forward.

Goals Drive Performance

Mike Greene, Principal, IntegrityWorks Coaching

Do you have written goals? Are your goals general or specific? Do you know if you’re making progress? Are you held accountable? Do you focus on what you control or what you influence? Learn the keys to effective goal strategies and the disciplines of successful goal execution. The daily demands of our lives at work and home don’t really get along with our goal intentions. Learn how to change that – executing on what is truly important amidst the whirlwind of our daily lives.



Understanding & Mitigating Risk in Contracts

R. Scott Agar, Principal, Insurance Buyers’ Council, Inc.
Angela Tennis, Director of Insurance Services, PennPRIME

Municipal entities enter into contracts every day – everything from major construction projects to purchasing coffee cups for the break room. Lease agreements for use of entity facilities are also a type of contract and sometimes contracts are simply verbal agreements. Every contract, however, carries potential risks with it. Learn what these risks are and how to avoid them.  Bring your toughest questions for this interactive session of higher-level learning.

Essential Workers' Compensation Claims Handling Strategies

Ed Holmes, Risk Manager & Director of Purchasing, State College Borough
Angela Tennis, Director of Insurance Services, PennPRIME

Join an interactive discussion of claims strategies and policies designed to solve your most difficult workers’ compensation challenges. Learn from a PennPRIME member how to successfully manage a claim.



To Chase or Not to Chase

Robert G. Hanna, Esq., Lavery Law

You have been called to the witness stand. Each juror has a copy of your pursuit policy. There is a seven figure settlement demand. Are you ready to defend your policy and your officer? Mrs. Dunn was killed by a stolen private security vehicle. Her daughter led the way to the pursuit statute. Do you allow pursuits for stolen vehicles? Are you managing your pursuits using your pursuit policy? Do you train on the policy? This interactive session will assist you to be in a defensible position if that lawsuit comes. Bring your pursuit policy to the conference, or email it ahead of time to clees@pml.org.



Idea Sharing & Safety Committee Corner

Facilitated by:  Chuck Baker, Director, Safety Management Services, Inservco 
                           Cheryl Lees, Manager of Loss Control Services, PennPRIME

Bring your successful strategies, projects, and safety devices to share.  Brainstorm solutions to your most difficult challenges with your partners in the PennPRIME Trusts. Learn about on-line resources that will assist your safety committee in achieving the next level.



The Effect of Shift Work and the Importance of Physical Conditioning

Megan Romano, Clinical Coordinator/WC Specialist, Drayer Physical Therapy Institute

Learn how shift work affects the sleep cycle and how limited or poor quality sleep interferes with the body’s ability to combat stress and recover from injury. Review strategies to minimize fatigue, tips for improving the quality of sleep, and how to reduce the incidence of injury.

Playground Safety

Pete Geis, Director, Parks & Recreation, Cranberry Township (Butler Co)

Playgrounds continue to be an important part of play for children of all ages. The goal is to encourage fun while not compromising on safety. Learn about the standards, installation, maintenance, surfacing, potential injuries and more.

Crisis Communications

Bernadette Lauer, Global Communications Expert
Kris Kachline, Esq., The Law Office of Nathaniel M. Holmes

Learn what NOT to say, what TO say, and HOW to say it when that politically charged situation occurs.