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PennPRIME Director of Insurance Services, Angela Tennis

In late February and early March, respectively, PennPRIME welcomed a new Chairman to the Board of Trustees and a new Director of Insurance Services.  What is noteworthy about both appointments is that each role has been filled with familiar faces that bring a knowledge of PennPRIME and extraordinary expertise.

Angela Tennis, PennPRIME’s former Claims Coordinator, took the helm as Director of Insurance Services on March 9th.

Angela came to PennPRIME with rich experience, having been in the insurance industry for over 30 years. Prior to her role as our Claims Coordinator, she most recently served as Chief of the Self-Insurance Division at the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. She also held several industry positions as a claims adjuster, customer service representative in personal lines, account executive in commercial lines, and worked with other self-insurance groups. Angela has many professional designations, including Accredited Advisor in Insurance, Certified Insurance Industry Professional, Certified Insurance Counselor and Certified Risk Manager.  She holds an Executive MBA in Strategic Leadership.

When asked of Angela’s vision for PennPRIME’s future, she replied, “Our commitment to the member remains as the Specialist in Your Corner. We continue to partner with the right vendors that have experience with municipal entities and the Tort Act – all in the effort to protect the member’s bottom line. We are here to help our members be the best they can be for their residents and employees by being a guide and extension of their team in keeping their communities safe.

“The future holds managed growth in membership, continued stability in rates, and incentives for executing Loss Control best practices. My goal is to make sure PennPRIME improves on the service that members have come to expect and to ensure we are doing the things that can make their jobs easier. Long-term, we will continue to strive to be the premiere Trust in Pennsylvania that offers unique value in our coverages and services in support of our membership and those of the Pennsylvania Municipal League.”

PennPRIME Chairman, Paul Cornell

In late February, Board of Trustees member Paul Cornell from East Hanover Township was appointed Chairman to fill the vacancy left by Tom Rockovich.  Tom retired from his position at the Butler Area Sewer Authority, where he served as Executive Director for the past eight years.

Paul is a long-standing participant of the PennPRIME Trusts, serving as Vice-Chairman, Trustee, and contributing to the Grant, Claims and Loss Control, and Finance Committees.  He has been in municipal government for more than 30 years and has served three PennPRIME members since 1993 – City of Lock Haven, Swatara Township and now East Hanover Township.

Paul commented recently on the focus of the Board. “First, our time and energy will be spent on the foundations of Loss Control training and the safety of our member employees and residents.  It is important that we assist in limiting the liability of our members.  Second, we need to continue to educate our member employees and elected officials on risk management trends, new and emerging exposures in insurance, and the effects of state litigation (i.e. Workers’ Compensation claims) on municipal entities.  Lastly, we will cultivate new members by spreading the word about PennPRIME to fellow managers and elected officials on our value to them and their communities.”

Moving forward, Paul and the entire PennPRIME team want to continue with the guiding principal of the PennPRIME membership. “We are all in this together. By keeping rates low, helping one another, and providing Loss Control assistance, we can keep all our community residents protected and municipal employees safe,” he said.

Should you have a question or want to provide feedback to Angela or the Board of Trustees, you can reach her at atennis@pml.org or 800-848-2040, ext. *258.

Click here to see a list of the entire PennPRIME Board of Trustees.

Editor’s Note: On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Staff and the Membership, we thank Bob Anspach for his exemplary service these past five years.


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