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Disaster Recovery Services


When a disaster impacts your community, the people look to local government for help. Are you ready to respond? When your facilities are no longer functioning, how do you help your citizens? PennPRIME and Agility Recovery have partnered to help you get up and operating as soon as possible.

There are certain operational interruptions that cannot be predicted and come with no warning. They could be events such as a power outage, a vehicle crashing into your building, a flood, a hacked computer system, a building fire, or a burst pipe.

All of these can affect your ability to serve your community in their time of need. So, preparing in advance will help get your systems back online and your doors open as quickly as possible. PennPRIME and Agility Recovery can help your municipal entity plan and prepare for any disaster. Most importantly, when a disaster strikes and key elements are destroyed, resources can be sent to your site, allowing you to operate from a temporary headquarters. Support to restart operations can include: office space, generators, Internet connectivity, office equipment, and computer systems.

Earl Township

Earl Township