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In the eyes of the PA Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, since PennPRIME members perform similar operations, all members should promote the same safety standards in the State's Accident and Illness Prevention Program (AIPP).  AIPP is a requirement of being a group self-insured fund which is regulated by the PA Department of Labor and Industry.  A group self-insured fund is approved when “homogenous” employers, defined as those engaged in the same types of business, meet certain parameters.  AIPP has 14 elements designed to prevent accident and injuries from happening to your most valuable asset, your employees.

PennPRIME’s Loss Control Standards fulfill several of the AIPP elements.  Although our members perform similar operations, each member is still unique, having different forms of government, number of employees, population, square miles, road miles, etc.  Therefore, AIPP is tailored to meet each individual member's needs.  As an example, if you perform confined space entry, that risk needs a written protocol.  If you subcontract that work, then you do not need one.

As always, sample procedures, personalized loss control assistance, and website resources are at your fingertips or a phone call or email away.  Contact Cheryl Lees, Manager of Loss Control Services, clees@pml.org or (717) 979-4221 to review your current status with AIPP and receive customized help in taking your safety program to the next level.


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